Come to Redjeki to enjoy Authentic Indonesian Cuisine from the oldest Indonesian Restaurant in Delft. Large parties of 20 or more can book a buffet style party with advance reservations.

Ricetable = Rijsttafel
The ‘Rijsttafel ‘ originated in the Dutch colonial era, when the need was felt to create a festive and official type of banquet that would represent the multi-ethnic nature of the Indonesian archipelago. Dishes were assembled from many of the far flung regions of Indonesia, where many different cuisines exist, often determined by the religion of the particular island or island group. Brought back to the Netherlands by former colonials and exiled Indonesians after Indonesia gained its independence in 1945, the rijsttafel was predominantly popular with Dutch families with colonial roots.


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€ 2,50 geroosterde kokos met pinda, roasted coconut with peanuts

Nasi goreng jawa

€ 3,50 pittige gebakken rijst,Spicy fried rice

Bami goreng jawa

€3,50 gebakken pittige bami, Spicy fried noodles


€2,75 rijstblokjes, compressed rice blocks

Nasi kuning

€2,75 Gele rijst, Yellow rice

Bami Goreng

€3,50 gebakken bami, fried noodles

Nasi Goreng

€3,50 Gebakken nasi, Fried rice

Nasi putih

€1,95 Witte rijst, white rice

Acar Ketimun

€5,00 frisse komkommersalade, vegetable pickles


€3,50 milinjoenoten kroepoek, melinjo nut cracker


€2,50 Kroepoek, deep fried shrimp crackers


€2,50 kruidige pindacracker, spiced peanut cracker

Bami goreng rames

€12,00 gebakken bami met 1 kipsate en kropoek, fried noodles…

Nasi goreng rames

€16,00 gebakken rijst met kip, rundvlees, 3 soorten groen- ten, 1…

Sambal goreng tempe

€7,00 gebakken soya, fried bean

Sate babi

€8,50 4 Stokjes varkenssaté, 4 barbecued pork skewers

Sate kambing

€11,50 4 Stokjes lamssaté, 4 barbecued lamb skewers

Sate ayam

€8,50 4 Stokjes kipsaté, 4 barbecued chicken skewers

Sate udang

€11,50 4 Stokjes garnalensaté met pittige saus, 4 barbecued shrimp…

Sambal Goreng Tahu

€7,00 gebakken tahoeblokjes in pikante kokossaus, fried tofu with spicy coconut…

Sambal Goreng Buncis

€7,00 sperziebonen in pikante kokossaus, string beans with spicy coconut milk

Sayur Lodeh

€7,00 gemengde groenten gekookt in kokossaus, mixed vegetables cooked with coconut…

Bami Goreng

€12,00 gebakken bami met 1 kipsate en kropoek, fried noodles…

Bami Goreng Jawa (+Garnalen)

€14,00 Javaanse gebakken bami met garnalen, 1 kipsate en kroepoek…

Nasi Goreng

€12,00 gebakken rice met 1 kipsate en kroepoek fried rice…

Nasi Goreng Jawa (+Garnalen)

€14,00 javaanse gebakken rijst met garnalen, 1 kipsate en kroepoek…

Nasi Rames

€15,00 witte rijst met kip, rundvlees, 3 soorten groen- ten,…

Nasi Kuning Rames

€16,50 gele rijst met kip, rundvlees, 3 soorten groen- ten,…

Lontong Rames

€15,00 rijstblokjes met kip, rundvlees, 3 soorten groenten, 1 ei,…

Soto Ayam Komplet

€12,00 Indonesische kippesoep met ei, groente, witte rijst en kroepoek…

Dendeng Blado

€11,50 rundvlees met pittige saus, beef in spicy sauce


€11,50 gestoofd rundvlees in pittig gekruide kokossaus beef simmered in…


€9,00 gestoofd rundvlees bereid met zoete sojasaus stewed beef with…

Babi ketjap

€9,00 varkensvlees bereid met zoete sojasaus, pork in sweet soy sauce

Ayam Goreng Redjeki

€15,00 gebakken kip gekruid volgens eigen recept geserveerd met sambal…

Ayam Panggang Kecap

€15,00 gegrilde kip bereid met sojasaus, grilled chicken with soy sauce

Ayam Opor

€9,00 gekookte kipfilet in milde kokosmelk, chicken dish cooked with coconut…

Ayam Blado

€9,00 Kip in pittige saus, chicken cooked in spicy sauce

Ikan Goreng

€20,00 gebakken dorade geserveerd met sambal trasi, fried dorade fish served…

Ikan Asam Manis

€20,00 gebakken dorade bereid met tamarinde en palmsuiker, fried dorade fish…

Udang Blado

€15,00 garnalen met pittig gekruide saus en peteh bonen, shrimp in…

Buncis Kecap Udang

€9,00 sperziebonen met garnalen en sojasaus, string beans with shrimp and…

Gado Gado

€10,00 diverse groenten met pindasaus en melinjoenoten kroepoek, vegetable salad with…


€8,50 Bami Goreng: Gebakken bami met 1 kipsaté, gebakken ei en…

Pisang Goreng Redjeki

€ 4,50 Gebakken banaan, Fried banana

Lapis Legit

€3,75 Spekkoek, thin multi layered spiced cake

Es Kelapa Muda

€4,00 Jonge kokosdrank, iced young coconut drink

Es Cendol

€4,50 Cocktail van kokosmelk gezoet met palmsuiker aangevuld met puddingslierten…

Rijsttafel Saté

€22,50 pp (minimaal 2 personen, 2 persons minimum) Witte rijst,…

Rijsttafel Redjeki

€25,00 pp (min 2 personen, 2 persons mininum) Witte rijst,…

Rijsttafel Vegetarisch

€17,50 pp (min 2 personen, 2 persons minimum) Witte rijst,…

Rijsttafel Mini

€20,00 pp ( min 2 personen, 2 persons minimum) Nasi…

Soto Ayam

€4,00 Indonesische kippesoep, chicken soup


€4,00 gebakken wantan, deep fried wonton


€4,00 Loempia, springroll

Tempeh Bacem

€4,00 zoet gekruide sojabonencake, sweet marinated soy bean cake


Visit our specialty store next door where you can shop from a great selection of authentic ingredients to re-create the indonesian flavour experience in your own home. A selection of prepared dishes are also available for you to enjoy at home.

Would you like to eat something Indonesian or serve it at home, or do you want to cook something Indonesian for yourself or your family? Our store is always ready to provide you with your needs.
You can always go to our store for snacks, take aways or herbs and spices.
Our store has a wide variety of spices in it’s highest quality to provide you the real Indonesian in your kitchen. You can find the prices of our snacks and take aways on our website for you to choose before you visit our store. Go to our store when you are ready with your own menu you want to serve on your table tonight.

Sate met lontong


Sate (4 stokjes) kip of vlees


Tahoe petis met lontong


Gado-gado met lontong




Nasi koening tjampoer

Gele rijst met ei 2 soorten groenten naar keuze 2…

Nasi/ bami goreng tjampoer

Bami/nasi goreng met ei 2 soorten groenten naar keuze 2…

Nasi tjampoer

Witte rijst met ei 2 Soorten groenten naar keuze 2…

Bami goreng rames

Bami met Ei 3 Soorten groenten naar keuze 1 Soort…

Nasi goreng rames

Nasi goreng met Ei 3 soorten groenten naar keuze 1…

Lontong rames

Lontong met Ei 3 Soorten groenten naar keuze 1 soort…

Nasi koening rames

Gele rijst met Ei 3 Soorten groenten naar keuze 1…

Nasi rames

Witte rijst met Ei 3 Soorten groenten naar keuze 1…

Mini maaltijd

€7,00 Mini maaltijd, Mini meal witte rijst/Gele rijst/Bami/Nasi 1 Soort groente…

Bami goreng djawa

€6,00 pikant gebakken bami, Javanese Fried Noodle (spicy)

Bami goreng

€6,00 gebakken bami, Fried Noodle

Nasi goreng djawa

€6,00 pikant gebakken rijst, Javanese Fried Rice (Spicy)

Nasi goreng

€6,00 gebakken rijst, Fried Rice

Boerenkool met cocos

€1,75 (per 100gr)

Blado telor (per stuk)

€1,00 (per 100gr)

Blado aubergine

€2,00 (per 100gr)

Tjap tjai

€1,75 (per 100gr)

Atjar ketimoen (komkommer)

€1,75 (per 100gr)

Tahoe ketoprak

€1,75 (per 100gr)


€1,75 (per 100gr)

Sambal goreng tempe basah

€1,75 (per 100gr)

Sambal goreng tahoe

€1,75 (per 100gr)

Sambal goreng boentjis

€1,75 (per 100gr)

Sajoer lodeh

€1,75 (per 100gr)

Kip cashew

€2,50 (per 100gr)

Kipfilet in ketjap saus

€2,50 (per 100gr)

Gehaktbal in ketjap saus

€2,25 (per 100gr)


€1,70 (per stuk)


€1,70 (per stuk)


€1,70 (per stuk)

Resoles kip

€1,70 (per stuk)


€1,80 (per stuk)

Loempia semarang

€1,70 (per stuk)


€1,70 (per stuk)

Mini maaltijd


Nasi koening rames


Nasi rames


Sambal goreng oedang peté

€3,50 (per 100gr)

Bali makreel

€2,25 (per 100gr)

Babi ketjap

€2,25 (per 100gr)

Semur vlees

€2,25 (per 100gr)

Dendeng blado

€2,50 (per 100gr)

Rendang vlees

€2,25 (per 100gr)


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Redjeki can also provide catering services for you receptions, family gatherings, club and company dinners. Choose from the selection of dishes on our menu or customize the experience with your own meal combinations. Call us to discuss the possibilities.


Catering Service

  • Delivery to private individuals, companies and setting creations

  • Standard menus or own choice

  • Chafing disches for buffet at your home

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meeting -room

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For small or large meetings you can use our restaurant for €8 an hour. During the meeting we can serve coffee and tea and maybe afterwards you can enjoy a nice dinner. Give us a call to discuss the possibilities.

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Restaurant’s business hours

  • Monday closed
  • Tuesday – Sunday 17.00h to 22.00h

Store’s business hours

  • tuesday to thursday 12.00h to 19.00h
  • friday 12.00h to 20.00h
  • saturday 12.00h to 18.30h
  • sunday 16.00h to 20.00h

On all major holidays the store is closed

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You can call us on: 0031 15212 5022


By Public Transportation

If you go by train, step out at Delft Station. Walk to the centre of the city by crossing over the bridge on the Westvest then go left. At Delphi Cinema turn right and walk thru the Oude Delft till the Oude Kerk (old church, the one with bent tower). Take another right turn to walk next to the church then cross over the bridge at the end once more. De Chroorstraat is the street after the Heilige Geestkerkhof. It is about 10 minutes walking from the station.

By Tram 1, which also stops at delft station and Hollands Spoor station, step out at the Prinsenhof, tram stop in Delft. Walk thru the Schoolstraat on the direction of the Oude Kerk and walk directly next to the church, walk over the bridge at the end of the way. De Chroorstraat is the street after the Heilige Geestkerkhof. It is about 5 minutes walking from the Prinsenhof tram stop.
By Car

From the direction of Amsterdam or Rotterdam or from Utrecht thru the Prins Clausplein on the A4, take the Delft-Noord junction and follow the Delft-Centrum board. Turn left at the traffic light of the T-crossing Vlietsingel and Broekmolenweg. Follow the street with the tram line in the middle. This street leads to the bridge over the Rijn-Schiekanaal.

Recommended Parking alternatives

After the bridge turn left at the first traffic light and follow the Parking sign. You can park on Paardenmarkt quite cheap. From here walk thru Van der Mastenstraat towards Verwersdijk. On Verwersdijk turn left then turn right on the first street to the Choorstraat. more info
Alternatively, follow the Phoenix Parking Garage sign instead of turning left. From the Parking garage, walk to the direction of the Oude Delft, turn left to the Oude Kerk (old church, the one with bent tower). Take another right turn to walk next to the church then cross over the bridge at the end once more. De Chroorstraat is the street after the Heilige Geestkerkhof. It takes about 5 minutes to walk from the Parking garage to the Choorstraat. more info


Adres: Choorstraat 50-56,2611 JH Delft-Nederland

Tlp +31 152125022

mobil: +31 641763525

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